Location: Cleveland, Ohio Nude Ballroom & Lifestyle Shoot Date: (Completed - See Preview)




Complete Our Online Application To Become Part of Our Future Naturist Events


Upon submission of this application, your personal csModeling Account will be created using your email and password.

Using our secured area you can review your past and upcoming sessions,  learn more about how to prepare for a shoot, download documents


  Privacy and security of our is our highest priority for any of our events. We contract exclusive access to all of our shooting locations and have security monitoring major access points. Under no circumstance will any part of the session will be visible to public audience nor anyone not directly participating in the session will be allowed on the premises.


Before You Start


Completing our online application is the first step in getting started in selecting you for one of our events. After your submission has been reviewed and approved by our photographers, you will be contacted for a phone or an in-person interview before the sessions begin. You can follow your application approval, event listing and payment and modeling history right after your application is submitted.

Complete Our Online Model Application Form

Day of the Session


After all details have been discussed a day or two before the scheduled event is to take place, you will meet our photographers and security personnel either at the shooting location or at our company headquarters, depending on the locality and the type of event scheduled.

Once you arrive at the shooting location release documents will be signed for publishing and payment purposes.

Details of the shoot will be presented to you and all other participants before any session photography takes place. Depending on the type of event and location, certain chorographical elements will be discussed. Photographers will guide all models in activities planned for the day and do their best to make the day memorable and fun for all!

Unless otherwise noted, all events are day-long events and will include meals, transportation and necessary accommodations.

Your Compensation


You can easily earn $2,000 for a single day session, paid in cash or company check. Prior to the beginning of the photoshoot you will be paid 1/3 of the agreed sum with the remaining balance distributed at the end of the session. Payment bonuses will be rewarded in cash and will be based on performance, evaluated by photographers themselves.

What Happens Next


At the end of the photoshoot and after all agreed compensation has been dispersed, you will have an option to join us for a complementary dinner at one of the local restaurants to conclude the evening.

After conclusion of our session you can always check back into your csModeling Account and preview our upcoming modeling events. By replying to our email invitation or joining the photoshoot directly through your online account, you can participate in further shooting and earn money on an ongoing basis.




You will meet us at the corporate headquarters prior to the event for a complementary drive to the shooting location. At this time you will be further briefed on the activities of the day and will have any of your questions answered.

Some shooting locations might be more remote than others, we will have a driver take models, photographers and the security crew to our planned destinations.

Food and drinks are complementary throughout the day and will be available at any time during the drive. You will have an option of joining us for a late night dinner, and of course we can get you there in our company can.


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