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Upon submission of this application, your personal csModeling Account will be created using your email and password.

Using our secured area you can review your past and upcoming sessions,  learn more about how to prepare for a shoot, download documents

Completing our online application is the first step in getting started in selecting you for one of our events.
After your submission has been reviewed and approved by our photographers, you will be contacted for a phone or an in-person interview before the sessions begin. You can follow your application approval, event listing and payment and modeling history right after your application is submitted.


  Privacy and security of our is our highest priority for any of our events. We contract exclusive access to all of our shooting locations and have security monitoring major access points. Under no circumstance will any part of the session will be visible to public audience nor anyone not directly participating in the session will be allowed on the premises.


To get started we will need to collect some basic information about yourself. All information provided is kept in strict confidence and will only be used by our team to get a better understanding of your body type, appearance and preferences about certain specific elements of session modeling.

Note: Majority of your personal details can be modified after your application has been submitted and your csModel Account created using username and password provided.

Your Privacy: All information provided on this page is strictly confidential. We will not reveal, sell or share your personal information with any 3rd party or unauthorized employees. Besides application reviewers, no one will have access to any of the information provided. For further information please refer to our company's Privacy Policy.

We will also not send anything to your residential address unless we have your distinct permission.

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Our preferred applicant age is 18-30 years old.
However, we do make occasional exceptions.

Please provide as accurate information as possible for your application profile. If any of the details are uncertain, please enter close estimates.
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Upon submission of this application, your personal csModeling Account will be created using your email and password.

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You will meet us at the corporate headquarters prior to the event for a complementary drive to the shooting location. At this time you will be further briefed on the activities of the day and will have any of your questions answered.

Some shooting locations might be more remote than others, we will have a driver take models, photographers and the security crew to our planned destinations.
Food and drinks are complementary throughout the day and will be available at any time during the drive. You will have an option of joining us for a late night dinner, and of course we can get you there in our company can.
We rent out local gym, pool or spa locations exclusively for our shoots. Gyms offer an opportunity for nude fitness and gaming activities while pools offer more aquatic agenda. Local spas and saunas can host photoshoots that underline hair dressing and relaxation.

Our indoor sessions involve activities often found in non-naturist living. Our shoots can include holiday parties or a wide range of personal activities such as body painting, arts and crafts, classes and relaxation.
For a select number of our our models, there is an exciting opportunity of joining our staff and traveling to some of the most beautiful counties for an extended all-expense-paid photoshoot vacation. Shooting takes place all throughout the trip  as we travel through key locations and stay in luxury hotels.
We have visited the sands of Egypt, underwater scenery of Australia and the night skies and nightlife of Greece. All these exotic location bring out crisp colors that capture beautifully on camera. Models will have an opportunity to explore other countries and lifestyles while earning significantly higher revenue for the trip.


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